All About Her

Her Beads is far from the ordinary, starting in West Philadelphia, our beloved Yvette Smalls created a living devoted to learning about the ancestral life grounded in Africa. She distributed this knowledge throughout the entire family. From her wisdom, she let us into the world of waist beads. From her teachings, it allowed us to modernize our understandings of the African body jewelry. 

Created in 2018, Shakera Henderson (The Founder) and Yasmeen Francis (Co-Founder) sought out a way to renovate the world's perspective on waist beads. Bringing the African tradition to the Western world, Her Beads offers a variety of fashionable body jewelry promoting womanhood and femininity in every piece. 

Traditional waist beads originated in the depths of Africa, where their basic purpose was to portray maturity in young women. Mothers usually gave their child waist beads as a welcoming gift to womanhood. With Her Beads, we intend to continue to show the world that there is far more to waistbands than the eye can see.